Fit & Biomechanics

Fit & BiomechanicsImportance of a Proper Fit

Fit & BiomechanicsFootwear is arguably the most important piece of equipment for a runner or walker. Whether you are walking 1 mile a day or running 26.2 miles, it is important to make sure you have properly fitting shoes in order to avoid injury and ensure you perform at your best. Specialty running and walking footwear must do 3 things well:

  • Fit the contours, length, and width of your foot properly
  • Support your foot appropriately in relation to your individual stride, strike, and biomechanics
  • Give you an appropriate amount of cushioning

Fit & Biomechanics

Here at Fleet Feet Orlando we are constantly wear testing and evaluating running shoes to determine the best selection for our customers. We stock shoes from companies that have the highest reputations for quality and performance and only their best models find a home on our shoe wall. We are constantly on the lookout for new brands and models that deserve the honor of a spot in our store.

There really isn’t a “Best Shoe” or “Best Brand.” Everyone has unique needs and what is best for someone else, may not be best for you. The path to your “best” solution starts with getting fit to determine which shoes give you what you need based on the 3 criteria stated above.